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CREMATORY  ( SWEDEN ) ” The Exordium ”  T shirt  – Available now…


Swedish Death Metal legends here with the amazing demo artwork and original logo , printed on a short sleeve with the 1990 demo art… One of the sickest , lowest and most heavy demos of all time available now… Available in Mens and Ladies sizes.


Mens T shirt out now

Also we added a Women’s / Girls / Ladies version


also available at the same link








Swedish Down tuned Death Metal from early 1990’s !!…  This demo T shirt is among one of the most iconic old Swedish Death Metal arts.



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1 / 14 / 2017

Saturday the 14th  !!!  – Strikes back !!!

Necroharmonic CD sale continues !!!

sale continues


saturday JANUARY14th , 2016

 full resolution for print  –






Out now !

INCANTATION ” Blasphemous Cremation ” CD


Blasphemous Cremation

The Classic recording which was originally to be a split LP with Amorphis ( Finland ) , but the reel to reels were later erased and recorded over to record over with the classic ONWARD TO GOLGOTHA album. One mix was saved , and here is its entire form !

6 Tracks of Death metal including alternative takes of some tracks… This Rough mix album was recorded with its original vocal mix and guitar solos and all…. The mix was thought to be lost forever but was saved from a tomb of unreleased recordings….now for the public to consume !

Incantation line up on this recording include

Craig Pillard – Guitar / Vocals

John McEntee – Guitar

Ronny Deo – Bass

Jim Roe – Drums

This cannot be missed for the death metal freaks who love the 1st album , this HEAVY mix was a precursor to one of the most classic metal albums of all time….


Some new releases

MORTICIAN ” From The Casket ” 2 CD  –  $8.00  DOUBLE CD each
INCANTATION “Unholy Massacre” x 2 CD –    –  $8.00  DOUBLE CD each
PHLEGM ” Consumed By The Dead ” X 2 CD  – $8.00 DOUBLE CD each
WAKING THE CADAVER ” Perverse Recollections of a Necromangler ” CD   $4.00 each
CREMATORY ” DENIAL ” CD    $4.00 each
GUT “ The Cumback  “ CD $ 4.00  each
MASTICATION / EXHUMED  ” Wicked Material Sanity  ”  CD $ 4.00  each
MUCUPURULENT ” Sicko Baby + More Babes ” CD $3.00 each
INTERMENT  ( FIN ) ” Life Here After ” MINI CD $ 3.00  each

Check out the Website for more info   www.necroharmonic.com 

To buy these sale titles visit this link http://necroharmonic.bigcartel.com/

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death metal sale
death metal sale



Two Cds from the old Necroharmonic catalog have been re-pressed

These include






Waking the Cadaver 




These are new repressed CD versions of these old original releases on Necroharmonic.  Both items had been out of print for years and we brought both back for sick fans alike ! Check out the links to buy the releases at $5.00 each these are a steal !


NECROHARMONIC  new release

UPDATED 9 / 21 / 2016

MORTICIAN - From The Casket X 2 CD - photo by Jeff Wolfe
MORTICIAN – From The Casket X 2 CD – photo by Jeff Wolfe

Mortician ” From The Casket ” 2 Cd

This double CD contains all the early demos , live and rehearsal demos from 1989-1990 .

2 CD release with early tracks from the demo 1990 , rehearsal demos , live shows including the 1st show ever , the Day of Death and more.

The original line up of Mortician from 1989 – 1990 including Will Rahmer, John McEntee ( Incantation), and drummer Matt Sicher.


Mortician demo #1 1990, Rehearsal demo 1989, Various 1990 Rehearsals , Live at Cheers , and Live at G Willikers

Mortician Live in Buffalo in November 1990 , and for the 1st time the full set soundboard from ” A Day Of Death ” October 20th , 1990


interment finland cd

Interment ( Finland ) ” Life Here After ” MINI – CD

Here is the cult 1990 FINLAND – INTERMENT With a MCD release of the demo / 7 ep ‘ LIFE HERE AFTER ‘ recorded in 1990 with ex Funebre guitarist Samppa Haapio, from 1st demo release.

This CD contains some additional Rehearsal tracks from 1992 as well, recorded before the they disbanded. The rehearsal tracks contain some vocals courtesy from early Funebre vocalist Jari Heinonen from the 1st demo ” Cranial Torment ” demo / or Brainspoon 7 ep “, and ” Children of Scorn ” release.

Special NECROHARMONIC Mini Length CD with one hard to find classic demo , and some added tracks from this Finnish band who played DEATH METAL in the hey-day of 1990 Finland Death bands.

The release brings 6 tracks and an outro…Cult layout contains some exclusive photos of the band. and an unreleased interview from DEATH VOMIT fanzine from their unpublished last issue , which was probably also the last band interview…

Click here to buy :


NECROHARMONIC  new release
incantation unholy massacre cd

INCANTATION “Unholy Massacre” x 2 CD 

Ultimate edition of all the early demos from one of the most influential bands in death metal.
Disc 1 : Contains the original mix of  “Demo # 1 – 1990 ” featuring Will Rahmer from Mortician on vocals and a live soundboard recording with Will, which was recorded in Buffalo, the blasphemous 1st live recording of Incantation with members of Profanatica from early 1990. Also included is the 1st rehearsal demo with Paul Ledney on vocals in its uncut format.
CD contains 14 Tracks.
Disc 2 : Contains an unreleased 2 song demo from 1990 with Craig Pillard on vocals and a live 8 song soundboard from New Jersey with excellent sound. To top it off 7 previously unreleased  pre- “Onward to Golgotha”  rehearsals tracks from early 1991 with original album members including John McEntee , Jim Roe , Craig Pillard and Ronny Deo.
CD contains 17 tracks.

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 incantation track list unholy massacre

This amazing double CD is the most comprehensive early demo discography ever released, by the world most brutal grinding death metal band! Recordings culled from original 1st generation cassettes held over 25 years and unreleased until now…

Compiled with unseen photographs of the 1st (and only) show with the early line up with the guys of Profanatica. Also included is a massive archive of the earliest show flyers, early logos sketches, and band photos of Incantation never seen by the public…till now…
Over 30 tracks in all.



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disma the lost vault of chaos





CREMATORY ” Denial ” 2 LP Record Store Day Limited to 100 copies


crematory orange white Lp 900


Available now !  Check this link :



Crematory ” Denial ” gatefold 12″ Double LP

White / Orange Vinyl – Special Record store 2016 Edition.

Limited To 100 pressed

( 2 Lps )

Hand numbered copies , comes with Numerous old show flyers , art prints , and more ….

LP 1


“ Denial ” Mlp

1.Into Celephais
2.Chunks of Flesh
4.Unconsecrated Ground


” The Exordium ” Demo

5.The Exordium
6.Chunks of Flesh
7.Unevasive Possession
8.Requiem of the Dead

LP 2


” Wrath From The Unknown ” Demo

9.Beneath the Crypts…
10.Unconsecrated Ground
11.Wrath From the Unknown
13.Wrath from The Unknown ( rehearsal ) 1990 – unreleased track

” Netherworlds of The Mind ” Demo

14.Enshrouded (in the River of Eternity)
15.Netherworlds of the Mind
16.Souls Astray
17.Dwellers in Twilight

18.Mortal Torment ( Promo demo track )

Swedish Down tuned Death Metal from early 1990’s

Reissue release on LP with classic 1992 CD/MLP “ DENIAL “ as well as the Demos “ The Exordium “ 1990 , “ Wrath from the Unknown “ 1991 , and “ Netherworlds of the Mind “ 1992 Demo…also “Mortal Torment ” promo demo track 1989. Killer gatefold jacket of old photos , flyers and artwork + 1 unreleased rehearsal track from 1990.

Necroharmonic release

Sleazy 025 LP

Special edition released exclusively for Record Store Day 2016.


LP Records and Jackets are sent in a strong boxes with corner protection.

US orders sent via media mail with signature confirmation.





Out now !

 disma the lost vault of chaos


Disc # 1- The Vault of Membros demo.  For the 1st time on CD format, as well as the vinyl releases – The Manifestation, split Ep with Winterwolf and the split Ep with Convulse.


Disc # 2 –  Live on the Radio full set from Soma Degenerate show covering the early era of the band in uncut form.



Setting a standard for Death Metal


Members of DISMA include early INCANTATION members Bill Venner 1990’ and Craig Pillard 1991’ to 95’ , Daryl Kahan – FUNEBRARUM, Randi Stokes – METHADRONE and Shawn Eldridge – FUNEBRARUM

 Recordings made in tape to tape reel/analog format at such studios as Technical Ecstasy / Analog Destruction / MF studios and Sound Spa Studios

 First starting with a 3 song demo tape “THE VAULT OF MEMBROS” Disma showed the incredible riffing and death metal blend of dual tuned down guitars, low rumbling bass and a smashing drummer.

Along with the deep vocals of Craig Pillard an instant classic was made.

 The band followed up each year recording 1st for a full length 7 ” Ep for Necroharmonic Productions and then a split 7” Ep with WINTERWOLF on Doomentia Records

 Next came a bonus 7” with 2 new exclusive tracks recorded specifically for the DIEHARD 2LP version of “Towards the Megalith” as well as the split 7” with CONVULSE

DISMA on these recording is:

 Craig Pillard – Vocals

 Bill Venner – Guitar

 Daryl Kahan – Guitar

 Randi Stokes – Bass

Shawn Eldridge – Drums

 This Double CD release contains:


Disc # 1- The Vault of Membros demo.  For the 1st time on CD format, as well as the vinyl releases – The Manifestation, split Ep with Winterwolf and the split Ep with Convulse.


Disc # 2 –  Live on the Radio full set from Soma Degenerate show covering the early era of the band in uncut form.


Now all of these tracks are available spanning 2 CD’s


Return to the Vault!!!!

 Sale is over !!  Thanks for the support….

Watch out for new / next big announcement !!!

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 Updated Jan 26th, 2016


Happy Fans and Labels who support Necroharmonic releases! Thank you !

97270572_o1 10660260_952563458112503_2669638117785022979_n

 Necroharmonic had a few of its releases reviewed via this great death metal freaks video blog. Check it out !! Thanks !! Josh is a good example of great music addict , and real underground support. Cheers Josh!



DEATH METAL Demo Cds , LP vinyl – January 23 – 25th , 2016 Sale at Necroharmonic – All items marked down

Necroharmonic Sale

January 23  2016

Sale at Necroharmonic  – All items marked down , Low prices

High Quality Limited edition releases.

Check this LINK  below to buy some death metal !!!!



NECROHARMONIC sale January 23 2016 death metal

Find releases +  Demo discography Cds / Lps of bands such as

CREMATORY – Denial + demos LP  – Limited to 166 copies and 200 copie versions (going fast!)
DISCIPLES OF MOCKERY ” Prelude to Apocalypse ” LP  – Limited to 300 copies ( 100 left …)
ROTTREVORE – Demos / 7″ ep CD
GUT – 7″ EPs Discography CD
INCANTATION ” Blasphemous Cremation ” CD  – Early Mix of ONWARD TO GOLGOTHA
MASTICATION / EXHUMED (Swe ) – SPLIT CD  – Swedish Demos
DR SHRINKER – Demo Collection CD
EXMORTIS – Demo / 7″ ep Collection CD

and more…

few days only….. mark downs on classic DEATH METAL releases

dom website LP photo disciples of mockery out now
D.O.M   LP


Less than 100 copies left of this 300 piece press


CREMATORY – Denial – X 2 LP  w/  demos + unreleased track VINYL

crematory sweden purple and red press vinyl necroharmonic 2 LP 600


About 15 copies left….   Limited to 166 pressed on Red / Purple vinyl



Disciples Of Mockery LP – Out Now


disciples of mockery LP


1st time on vinyl record – OUT NOW !!


Limited hand numbered edition to 300 copies on 180 gram black vinyl record. , Comes with large fold out insert / lyric sheet.

Line up for D.O.M

Craig Pillard – Vocals / Guitar
Jim Roe – Drums
Ronny Deo – Bass
Mike Boyce – Guitar


Craig , Ronny , and Jim were players on the classic Onward to Golgotha record in 1992 , and played in the early classic line up of Incantation in the early days of 1990 – 1994.  Disciples of Mockery and Womb were created a few years later , and recorded some of the most heavy records known to mankind also !

D.o.m recorded a 3 track promo before producing this full length album ” Prelude to Apocalypse ” in 1999.  The brutal death metal and black sound took the band to a new level of serious metal with this recording . Many shows were played , but the band disbanded within a few years of this opus.


dom 1 of 300 LP center label 500

Now available as a LP vinyl record for the collecting purists .

DOM back of LP photo 1 tiff flat just band 889 pixels


side 1

Literal Upheaval of the Earth
Our Father Who Art as Nothing
Prelude to Absolution
God of Love
Behold the Holy Virgin Whore

side 2

An Endless Pursuit for a Satisfying Pain
Sustained in Desolation
Rotting Immaculate Like You

Recorded in 1999


News November 25th , 2015



NO Coupons needed. Marked down DEATH METAL vinyl Lp records and CDs.


Crematory ” Denial ” Double Lps  $ 18 – on sale !
Cds – as low as $ 3.00 – and more sales !

NEWS :  11/25/2015

DISCIPLES OF MOCKERY – Prelude to Apocalypse – LP
disciples of mockery LP
– Limited to 300 copies
coming soon !!  See website for details

News October 24 , 2015


PHLEGM ” Consumed By The Dead ”  x2 CD  RELEASE


phlegm inside view consumed demo CD

Buy it here :


News September 13 , 2015

Crematory  Denial  double LP release with all demos , rare tracks

Swedish Death Metal x2  VINYL release. This Yellow and Green version comes in gatefold  , hand numbered , with gig flyers , original artwork sleeves , and even an unreleased rehearsal track !

CREMATORY yellow and green necroharmonic lp



Only a few copies left 



Necroharmonic news  September 3 , 2015

PHLEGM ” Consumed By The Dead ” double CD
Coming soon….  At the Pressing plant now…..
Also coming soon…. Repress of one of the Sickest German Goregrind bands
MUCUPURULENT ” Sicko baby + more babes ” CD
Both releases Out the end of September 2015
Don’t miss this either …
DISMA / PHLEGM Live September 26th , 2015
FLEET’s FEST OF FREAKS in Rhode Island
Check out our websites for details
for new releases + represses



Phlegm CD cover3


Phlegm release !  Coming soon ! Rhode Island most HEAVY !!


August 19th , 2015 update


Right now!  Sale on Caseless CDs ( lower European / world postage rate) check this link…. CDs are $ 4.00 each






Sale starts August 4th , til August 6th , 2015 .

20 Percent off all items
2 days only !! 


Necroharmonic Bandcamp Open 

Necroharmonic bandcamp !! Open !
Necroharmonic bandcamp !! Open !


Old Necroharmonic releases available for download , via Bandcamp
Check out samples of the bands….
Exclusive content and rare recordings…
Upcoming release clips….
Bring your favorite albums along with you mobily …
Some exclusive upcoming Phlegm tracks  are uploaded from the upcoming release on Necroharmonic.
Upcoming , Plenty of rare unreleased recordings , Live soundboards , demos , upcoming releases , 25 years worth of Death Metal Archive


DISCIPLES OF MOCKERY ” Prelude to Apocalypse “

Vinyl into pressing… Limited edition LP


ronnie deo DOM coming soon necroharmonic LP



2015 Necroharmonic releases

Funebrarum “Beneath the Columns of Abandoned Gods “ CD

Funebrarum CD repress on Necroharmonic

OUT NOW…   Check this link :



Crematory Denial - set for X 2 LP release in 2015

Crematory “Denial “ x 2 LP – gatefold / hand numbered vinyl.

DARK PURPLE / RED Edition  – Limited to 166 copies , hand numbered – Available now at these links
Crematory collection double LP Swedish down tuned death
Crematory collection double LP Swedish down tuned death
Dark Purple / See thru Red Vinyl :   (  SOLD OUT ) 
crematory LP back necroharmonic double Lp
All versions are hand numbered , come with gatefold cover , inner printed sleeves , colored swirl records , Double Vinyl discography


check the links for the available items :




crematory 600




Disciples of Mockery “Prelude to Apocalypse “LP – Limited vinyl version Pillard / Roe / Deo death!


Disciples of Mockery


Phlegm “Consumed by the Dead “CD – Rhode Island 1st Death metal / Gore bands Discography





Putrifact Decay – Split CD – Two bands from NJ, Which released obscure demos 25 years ago !

Putrifact / Decay
Putrifact / Decay


More info and Tracklisting soon



Rottrevore “Disembodied “LP – Demos / 7 “eps discography vinyl





(No release dates. No pre Orders. Not all news published here. )

Our website at www.necroharmonic.com   is updated daily

Still working on for this year

Derketa “Goddess of Death “LP – Vinyl of the demos / 7 eps early discography – new photos from bands own archive

Womb / Disciples of Mockery – Split LP

Dripping “Bring the Suffering “LP

Cattlepress – Demo / Unreleased album session  and 7 ep – early discography  with be compiled thru 2015 for a 2016 release

Plus repress of X 3 more classic Necroharmonic Cd’s in the final stages this winter 2015. Many vinyl releases feature new layouts, biographies, inserts, revamped better original cover arts, and inside unreleased photos and  , of course, some  have unreleased music tracks.


Garment releases forthcoming

Necroharmonic – label  brand Longsleeve, fleece sweatshirts, Hoodies, and T shirts


Bands : garments : coming:


Dripping – Bring The Suffering – Longsleeves, pocket print Zip Hoodies, and T shirts

Rottrevore – Longsleeves, Hoodies, and T shirt

Crematory – Longsleeves, pocket print zip Hoodies, and T shirt

Putrifact –  ” Visceral Devourment ” T shirt

Disciples of Mockery – Longsleeve, pocket print Zip Hoodies, and T shirt

Hideous Mangleus – Longsleeves, 3/4 sleeve and Tees

Necrotion “Fallen Salvation  ‘ T shirt

Phlegm – T shirt

..and others TBA.  Old bands. More white shirts too.


T shirt and garment printing will resume in  early spring./ early summer.

All garments limited to 12 long sleevers / 25 T shirt versions. All strictly limited items for band members and diehard fans only. 


Negatives,  test presses , and progress of printing / garment mockups will start to infest facebook , instagram , twitter and other social media outlets







For the bands who we printed shirts for in the past times (2004 – 2014 ) , we retired all our older styles of garments.

Necroharmonic made some Tees of Swedish Death Metal bands , USA Friend bands , and our labels Bands. We printed tour shirts for metal head bands for a few years but that work has come to rest….



Valued customers, metal distribution websites, or others –

If you have questions, or interest in our releases feel free to contact us directly at necroharmonic@gmail.com  for real information.


Labels! We do not trade our releases. Our distro closed after 2012. We wanted to bring more quality self -made NH releases. Here they are!… Contact us for wholesale rates. We ship worldwide to music distros at lowest rates .






Our store links are still the same if you are interested in our CDs  , Garments , or  LP Record releases.



Necroharmonic productions established in 1990 ,  and is hitting its 25th year of productions. Starting as tape trader and small distro of merchandise in the early 1990’s . We have released 30 + CD releases and 100’s of Garments  , like Black / Death Metal T shirts , Hoodies , Sweatshirts and so much more.

Limited edition merchandise and music releases are the main focus of our label. Necroharmonic makes underground T shirts , hooded sweatshirts , fleece sweatshirts  , as well as LP vinyls , Cds , tapes .

We have released many discography demo Cds from well known bands such as AUTOPSY , INCANTATION , ROTTREVORE , DERKETA , GOREMENT , WOMBBATH , GUT, INTERMENT , and more.

Brutal death bands such as WAKING THE CADAVER , DRIPPING made debut releases with our label. We also introduced the USA to some Goregrind bands  , as far back as 1994  such as GUT , MUCUPURULENT ,  CATASEXUAL URGE MOTIVATION  ,  when the music of goregrind was formally unknown in this country….

Necroharmonic made many out of print releases  ( Gorement , Wombbath ,  etc)  as releases re-issues to become releases with affordable prices for fans alike….  not $ 400 ebay bullshit !!