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Necroharmonic 2022

Upcoming agenda ( years in the making ) and the most extensive and extreme dive into Death Metal . This will represent our agenda for the record label for the big part of 2022 into 2023 !!

Our massive crypt door has been opened and these upcoming activities will be unleashed

( no release dates. No pre orders. No questions )

Disma “Earthendium“ Cd / Cassette / Lp New material for 2022

Mortician”From the Casket” 3 LP – demos + live era 1989 – 1990 discography

Ceremonium “Into the Autumn Shade“ Lp Cd and Cassette

Incantation “Unholy Massacre“ 3 LP + 2Cd-Demos + Live early era release 1989- 1991. In co op with Ibex Moon

Putrifact- Demos + rehearsals- Cassette / Cd / Lp Pre Incantation + Ceremonium

Derketa “Goddess of Death” LP 1st time on vinyl officially the Unholy Ground + demos

Goreaphobia “Morbidious Pathology“ Cassette 1990 demo with pre Immolation members

Decay- Unheard almost unreleased Demo – Cassette release – feat members from pre Incantation demo 1990

Womb-Post Incantation demo 1995 – Cassette / Cd / Lp Doom death w/ members of Disciples of Mockery

Incantation-Rotting Spiritual Embodiment Cassette/Lp -Early Live from 1991 pre-Onward to Golgotha “ Live album. In co-op with Ibex Moon

Goreaphobia-Vile Beast of Abomination Cassette/Cd original line up recorded 2004

Incantation “Blasphemous Cremation“ Cassette + Lp / Cd reissue. The pre-record rough mix to “Onward to Golgotha“ album

These releases represent some of the most important Death metal recordings from NJ / NY and PA

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News forthcoming. No collaboration is wanted. No release dates

.Watch for the Next news! No format untended. No European / Mexican or Indonesian distributor is needed. This extreme Death Metal release collection with years in the making will include never too little before heard music from Demos to Live, from Full-length Discographies to Eps, Rehearsals, and Unreleased.