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Necroharmonic – Anatomia flags 2021 – Japanese death metal / doom masters

LOTS of New Merch in the store


Tons of new Flags added, Long sleeve T-shirts ( with Sleeve prints ) and Hoodies, etc have been added all through January and February of 2021.

New official Flag for Necroharmonic – Anatomia – Dissected Humanity – Banner. 5 ft by 3 ft !! Huge flag for your room or practice place!


The original artwork in its full gory glory is available as well. Check the link.

This is for the original press of Anatomia ” Dissected Humanity ” On Necroharmonic from 2005. http://necroharmonic.bigcartel.com/products?utf8=%E2%9C%93&search=anatomia

Death Metal Bandcamp

Necroharmonic Bandcamp Open 

Death metal Bandcamp


 Necroharmonic Japnese rot


Old Necroharmonic releases available for download , via Bandcamp
Check out samples of the bands….
Exclusive content and rare recordings…
Upcoming release clips….
Bring your favorite albums along with you mobily …
Some exclusive upcoming Phlegm tracks …
But !  Some releases already uploaded full albums of bands like:
Crematory , Incantation , Corpse Molestation , Disma , Exhumed , Interment , Wombbath , Gut , Waking The Cadaver , Mastication , Mucupurulent , Fatal , Anatomia , Dripping , Disciples of Mockery , Dr Shrinker , Womb , Autopsy , Exmortis , Abscess , Eternal Darkness , Derketa, Rottrevore , Goreaphobia , and more !
Upcoming , Plenty of rare unreleased recordings , Live soundboards , demos , upcoming releases , 25 years worth of Death Metal Archives.
Since Necroharmonic was formed as a record label , we have amassed a huge collection of recordings , and rare demo music.
This includes Live soundboard music , audience recordings , and much much more. Since not every release can become a actual record , tape , or CD.
Necroharmonic does not want to horde the recordings of some of the most classic metal bands of the 1980’s , 1990s , and 2000’s , so with  https://necroharmonic.bandcamp.com/ being a place we can spread our releases from over the years , we can also offer up some of our massive collection of rarities.