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Rottrevore LP

Rottrevore LP fothcoming on Necroharmonic Records.



More graphic madness on the sewage death PA band ROTTREVORE.  The VINYL LP ” Disembodied ”  release is layed out .  Almost ready for an nice waxy pressing as a record.

Rottrevore  ” Disembodied ”  LP . will be available within the next few months.  We used the orginal artwork , re scanned all the old photos of the band , and set up a real old school layout.


Old school fest line up with fellow Necroharmonic bands Incantation , Phlegm , Putrifact
Old school fest line up with fellow Necroharmonic bands Incantation , Phlegm , Putrifact…

The CD release from the Rottrevore Demos is still available at


Rottrevore was formed in November of 1989 by Mark Mastro (guitar/vocals) and Chris Weber (guitar/vocals). Mark had just ended his underground zine, “Infernal Bleeding” and Chris had just departed from his former band, “Chaotic Plague”. The pair joined forces and began to fuse together their first few song arrangements. They drew their influences from many European/Scandinavian and American bands. The musical direction of the band was a deadly recipe of low-tuned brutal death metal, with a dark and doomy atmosphere and a slight grinding edge.Chris Free, a local bassist who shared the same interests, was asked to join the band. Things melded great, but the short supply of drummers in the area was starting to put a strain on the threesome so Chris asked an old friend, Nick Esquivel if he would be interested in filling the position and finally, the line-up was complete.

In June of 1990, the band entered the studio for the first time to record their demo entitled “The Epitome Of Pantalgia” was recorded as a demo was well received

Then Relapse Records released a 7″ vinyl release entitled “Copulation Of The Virtuous And Vicious” would be the band’s second offering and feature three new tracks.


In May of 1991, recorded one comp track for an infamous comp ,  shortly after , drummer Nick Esquivel left the band and they found a replacement drummer by the name of Bob O’lexa.

In 1992 the  7 ” EP “Fornication In Delirium” for the Dutch label Cenotaph Records




Crematory – LP tracklist

LP 1

” Denial ” Mlp

1.Into Celephais
2.Chunks of Flesh
4.Unconsecrated Ground
” The Exordium ” Demo

5.The Exordium
6.Chunks of Flesh
7.Unevasive Possession
8.Requiem of the Dead
LP 2

” Wrath From The Unknown ” Demo

9.Beneath the Crypts…
10.Unconsecrated Ground
11.Wrath From the Unknown
13.Wrath from The Unknown ( rehearsal ) 1990 – unreleased
” Netherworlds of The Mind ” Demo

14.Enshrouded (in the River of Eternity)
15.Netherworlds of the Mind
16.Souls Astray
17.Dwellers in Twilight

18.Mortal Torment ( Promo demo track )