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Crematory ” Denial ” Mc ( Cassette )


Out now co-op production of Necroharmonic and Parasitic Records

Crematory ” Denial ”  Tape ( Cassette ) 

Limited to 200 copies

Contains the 1992 ” Denial ” MLP , which was released as a record and CD.



UPDATED 1/6/ 2019

Repress of ” Denial ”   2 LP Vinyl record available now in a limited amount!


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crematory orange white Lp 900

Reissue release on LP with classic 1992 CD/MLP “ DENIAL “ as well as the Demos “ The Exordium “ 1990 , “ Wrath from the Unknown “ 1991 , and “ Netherworlds of the Mind “ 1992 Demo…also “Mortal Torment ” promo demo track 1989. Killer gatefold jacket of old photos , flyers and artwork + 1 unreleased rehearsal track from 1990.

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Special edition released exclusively for Record Store Day 2016.



Crematory began it’s story in Spring / Summer 1989 when the first line-up began rehearsing which led to the release of the“Mortal Torment” Demo, with one song : Mortal Torment (Music: Mikael L.) Autumn 1989 saw the addition of a second guitarist – Urban Skytt who brought with him the idea that Death Metal should be played with extremely downtuned guitars. Crematory, now with two guitarists began writing new songs, a far bit more brutal than the song “Mortal Torment”. Christofer Johansson of Therion appeared on vocals on this recording.




Crematory was one of the first death metal bands in Sweden. The band started out in the spring / summer of 1989 and they soon recorded a one track demo called “Mortal Torment” which was actually a song from a previous band called Afflicted Convulsion (later only Afflicted).

The two forming members Mats and Joppe got together through Christofer Johnsson of Therion. Mats had helped out Therion before with their studio sessions for the “Paroxysmal Holocaust” demo. Joppe had also played with Therion before when they were still known as Megatherion. Christofer helped them out with some vocals on the demo. In the autumn of 1989 Urban Skytt joined as a second guitarist. The band now started writing more brutal material than before. In the autumn of 1989 they also played their first live show with Entombed and Carnage among others. Mikael left the band since he didn’t like the new musical direction towards brutality and in December they entered the studio to record the first official demo called “The Exordium” with only one guitarist.

crematorydemo1 exo




The first official release from Swedish heavyweights Crematory is this four-song demo tape entitled “The Exordium”. Recorded in 1990, it was at a time when the Swedish death metal sound was only beginning to take form and nobody was blatantly copying each other’s style yet. Though, what’s interesting about this recording is that it doesn’t sound very Swedish at all, even by later-day standards. The vocals, riffs, guitar tone and song structures in general are taken to further extremes than those of other, more prominent local groups like Entombed and Dismember.

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Crematory Wrath demo necroharmonic


CREMATORY “Wrath from the Unknown” Demo #2  1991

Tracks are:

1. Beneath the Crypts…

2. Unconsecrated Ground

3. Wrath from the Unknown

4. Mastication

crematory website pic 2

Crematory have put together four of the sickest and darkest  tracks  of tuned down brutality.

“Mastication” . That particular song was also used on the death metal compilation “Pantalgia” on M.B.R. Records, where it sounds even heavier than on cassette.


1991 / 1992

CREMATORY ” Denial ” Mini LP record




Crematory netherworld cover small


CREMATORY (Sweden) “Netherworlds of the Mind” Demo #3 1992

Underground Classic demo!!!! You won’t find this in any store, limited amount of demos made before they broke-up

Tracks are as follows:
1. Enshrouded (in the River of Eternity)
2. Netherworlds of the Mind
3. Souls Astray
4. Dwellers in Twilight



Crematory is “Netherworlds of the Mind”,

“Enshrouded (in the River of Eternity)”

“Souls Astray”

The final track, “Dwellers in Twilight”,


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CREMATORY ” Denial ” DOUBLE LP vinyl available now

crematory a side



LP 1


Denial ” Mlp

1.Into Celephais
2.Chunks of Flesh
4.Unconsecrated Ground


The Exordium ” Demo

5.The Exordium
6.Chunks of Flesh
7.Unevasive Possession
8.Requiem of the Dead
LP 2


Wrath From The Unknown ” Demo

9.Beneath the Crypts…
10.Unconsecrated Ground
11.Wrath From the Unknown
13.Wrath from The Unknown ( rehearsal ) 1990 – unreleased track


Netherworlds of The Mind ” Demo

14.Enshrouded (in the River of Eternity)
15.Netherworlds of the Mind
16.Souls Astray
17.Dwellers in Twilight

18.Mortal Torment ( Promo demo track )  – for Crematory ( Swe ) merch


CREMATORY yellow and green necroharmonic lp


Crematory ” Denial ” Mc ( Cassette

Crematory ” Denial ”  x2 LP record. Double Vinyl from the Swedish band. This collection contains the entire Discography of one of the most underground and under-rated Swedish Death Metal bands. They released not only some of the strongest demo releases in the old school death metal underground ” Wrath from the unknown ” and ” The Exordium “, but also classic MCD / LP ” Denial “. 

Necroharmonic pressed a 1000 copy edition with hand numbering/gatefold/ inserts and flyers, but the editions sold out quickly. This 2 LP edition is for those who missed the initial pressing, any Swedish death metal underground metalhead wouldn’t want to miss this extreme and brutal release, which contains ” Denial ” Release, All the demo tapes, rehearsal demo as well as an unreleased rehearsal track exclusive to this release from 1990. New edition pressing comes in mixed random colors and single double-wide jacket edition with 2 LPs. All records shipping done in strong whiplash vinyl Lp mailer.

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