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Old Necroharmonic releases available for download , via Bandcamp
Check out samples of the bands….
Exclusive content and rare recordings…
Upcoming release clips….
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But !  Some releases already uploaded full albums of bands like:
Crematory , Incantation , Corpse Molestation , Disma , Exhumed , Interment , Wombbath , Gut , Waking The Cadaver , Mastication , Mucupurulent , Fatal , Anatomia , Dripping , Disciples of Mockery , Dr Shrinker , Womb , Autopsy , Exmortis , Abscess , Eternal Darkness , Derketa, Rottrevore , Goreaphobia , and more !
Upcoming , Plenty of rare unreleased recordings , Live soundboards , demos , upcoming releases , 25 years worth of Death Metal Archives.
Since Necroharmonic was formed as a record label , we have amassed a huge collection of recordings , and rare demo music.
This includes Live soundboard music , audience recordings , and much much more. Since not every release can become a actual record , tape , or CD.
Necroharmonic does not want to horde the recordings of some of the most classic metal bands of the 1980’s , 1990s , and 2000’s , so with being a place we can spread our releases from over the years , we can also offer up some of our massive collection of rarities.

News in July 2015 from Necroharmonic Death metal record label

New Death metal releases in July / August / September 2015 on Necroharmonic

Necroharmonic records new release news for next few months. Death metal most extreme albums and demos discography releases on LP and CD format. coming soon :

crematory ad revised 500

Crematory “Denial “ x 2 LP – gatefold / hand numbered vinyl. final edition of 166 copies ( in transit ) other versions about all gone !

Crematory ( coming In end of July…. )


Phlegm “Consumed by the Dead “CD – Rhode Island 1st Death metal / Gore bands Discography – coming this summer !

Phlegm ( coming in end of August…)


Disciples of Mockery “Prelude to Apocalypse “LP – Limited vinyl version Pillard / Roe / Deo death !  ( into pressing  plant )

(  end September /  early October release . more news soon )


Masters are made for several new releases , as well as layouts , filled with obscure photos , info and rare recordings. Many Necroharmonic   titles are in the works  ,, new and old, each in various stages.

Another – Newer –  Release announcement coming out , but 1st these releases listed above will hit the underground.  Maybe within the next month  , NH can announce some special new titles we have been working on… with bands worldwide….who you will love !

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Necroharmonic Newsletter July 4th !!

Thank you !

Thanks from Necroharmonic to the following bands / friends / freaks for the great support this past year – Crematory ( Urban  + Mats  , Oscar, Brandon , Chris Ceremonium , Alex Bouks , Jim Roe , Craig Pillard , Jim Fleet , Skip Headrot , Mike Brown . Cattlepress , Dave Wagner , Venner , Jeff Wolfe , Jim Stanic , Brian Abt , Jill , Mike Pandorff ,Duaniac , Paul , Billy Nocera , Jeff Deathvomit , Nick Orlando , Victor , Sly ,Bill Connolly , Stevo  , Interment , Marco , Raul , Leon , Tino , Dave Britts ,  Brian Pattison ,  and just so many more!


Thank you !