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Necroharmonic  JULY 2018


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New Items in the Distro :





NECROVORE – Tanktops – Ultra sick old school original Artwork



Necroharmonic  JUNE 2018




” Prelude To Apocalypse ” T-SHIRTS / LONG SLEEVES



also available in LONG SLEEVE version.

Art is printed in light grey on a black long sleeved tee.


Click this link to Buy The Long sleeve D.O.M. T shirt



Interment ” Life Here After ” T-shirt

Finland Death metal greats! Available for the 1st time ever Short Sleeve T-shirt of the cover for ” Life Here After ” release. Originally an EP art from 1991. A few years ago Necroharmonic released a Mini CD with the Demo / 7 ” ep Tracks and some other rarities. This band will be never be overlooked in the early Finland Death Metal scene. They disband after just one release, but the legacy lives on!


Click this link below to Buy the INTERMENT ( FINLAND ) T-shirt


Some New Items added to our store DISTRO SECTION


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We added some POSSESSED Demo Cds ” REANIMATION ” TOO!

Link to Buy it :

POSSESSED – Reanimation CD/DVD (Dual Disc)

REDRUM RECORDS records release ( and distro item for a limited time ) we have very few copies….

The only official and remastered versions of the legendary POSSESSED’s 1984 “Death Metal” demo, 1984 “Rehearsal”, various live tracks from 1984-1986, alternate studio album mixes and a 2004 re-recorded, new version of “The Exorcist” on one CD- 19 tracks with a total time close to 80 minutes! The DVD contains 2 rare full concerts (in raw form remastered as best as possible) filmed in Berkleley, CA, 1984 and Baltimore, MD 1987 and 2 bonus songs from San Francisco, CA, 1984 with a total of 25 tracks close to two hours in time!

This is a dual-layer CD/DVD with both NTSC and PAL formats included! Killer cover artwork and layout done by Alfred Mulle (Demonic Designs) on behalf of REDRUM RECORDS and POSSESSED. All on One CD / DVD disc !!

Classic and old-school release which was made especially for true maniac POSSESSED fans, collectors and new fans that can see how the world’s first “death metal” band originated!

Necroharmonic  MAY 2018




This INCANTATION  Long Sleeve is available again, with the original logo style and revamped for Necroharmonic for 2018 with some brutal logo sleeve prints! Excellent and now classic CHRIS MOYEN artwork!

Incantation ” Blasphemous Cremation ” Long Sleeve T-shirt


Buy the long sleeve Incantation T-shirt  ” Rotting ” at This link


Incantation ” Blasphemous Cremation ”  T-shirt  available at this link


Buy the Incantation  ” Rotting ” Short Sleeve T-Shirts  here at this link

Also, some Sweatshirts for INCANTATION are available with sleeve prints


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Some new released and distro items on the website.

Mayhem ” Deathcrush ” Demo T shirts

Possessed ” Reanimation ” CD – Demos ! ( and video! )

Death Wish  ( Charles Bronson movie ! ) LS / TS

Baphomet  ” Baseball Jersey ” Shirts

Carcass ” No peace ‘ T shirt / Long sleeve

Dissection  Hooded Ladies T shirts

Phlegm – Hooded Logo Sweatshirts

Phlegm – Logo T shirts

Impetigo T shirts  ( 4 styles )

Waking The Cadaver Hoodies ( with old logo )

Waking the Cadaver Tank Tops (  In white )

Occult T shirts / Sweatshirts / Long sleeves

Goreaphobia ” Morbidious Pathology ” T shirts / Hoodies / LS / Girls

Goreaphobia ”  Demo ” Artwork Long sleeves


PHLEGM  Hoodie

Phlegm Rhode Island Death metal band from late 1980’s to early 1990’s
PHLEGM Logo T-shirt
Phlegm Logo T shirt. Early logo from this Rhode Island Death Metal Band
Goreaphobia “Morbidous Pathology” Hoodie









UPDATED   4 / 8  / 2018

Necroharmonic 2018 updates new Death Metal T shirts, Hoodies, Long Sleeves and More!

Massive updates to the website. T shirt making and distro has been in full scale blast from mid December 2017 – January 2018.

We added tons of killer DEATH METAL garments including T shirts, Hoodies, Long Sleeve Tees, Ladies T shirts, Fleece Crew Neck sweatshirts and more. take a look !

Some new items added including a return of some limited run items which were originally released back in early 2010 and we decided to revisit some of the old styles before we revamp the distro in 2018.

Here are some of the sick items we have added to the website + links

Necroharmonic  APRIL 2018




Buy the long sleeve Incantation T shirt ” Rotting ” at This link

Buy the Incantation  ” Rotting ” Short Sleeve T shirt at this link



Some new Releases on the website !

Carcass ” No peace ‘ T shirt / Long sleeve

Dissection  Hooded Ladies T shirts

Phlegm – Hooded Logo Sweatshirts

Phlegm – Logo T shirts

Impetigo T shirts  ( 4 styles )

Waking The Cadaver Hoodies ( with old logo )

Waking the Cadaver Tank Tops (  In white )

Occult T shirts / Sweatshirts / Long sleeves

Goreaphobia ” Morbidious Pathology ” T shirts / Hoodies / LS / Girls

Goreaphobia ”  Demo ” Artwork Long sleeves




Rottrevore Logo T shirts

Nihilist Logo Ladies T shirts in the section

Direct link :


Rottrevore  – Demo cover Hoodie with Logo front print in white

Goreaphobia “Morbidous Pathology” Long Sleeve T shirt

Waking The Cadaver – Black Logo on Red Long Sleeve T shirt

Mastication ( Sweden )  Demo – T shirt

New Items added in all these Links : Too much to list here!!!

and More Distro stuff available here , Hoodies sweatshirts,etc

Yes ! We have another HUGE update forthcoming as well. Been busy really going through the archive of the past Necroharmonic bands.

We make all our items usually in a limited amount , so once they are gone they are gone ! In past years we have carried merch from bands such as God Macabre , Funebrarum , Gorement , Disma , Wombbath, Macabre End, Traumatic , Nominon and many more…  all retired after a small amount were made. We enjoy the limited edition merchandise more than mass produced  death metal . This is our way to keep the old ways of the UNDERGROUND old school death metal scene alive and well, when things were more obscure and hard to come by… Nowadays the glut of Chinese bootlegs , Bulgarian T shirt sites with no connection to the bands in anyway have cheapened the scene… so our mission if to bring back the old ways !!

Hope you enjoy !!

Necroharmonic 2018



November / December 2017   update


Check out the Full website here !!!



Update new T-shirts, Hooded Sweatshirts, Crew Neck Fleece, and Long Sleeve.  We just made a huge update with a huge amount of Swedish Death Metal T-shirts, Occult garments, and More!


Buy it here



LABOR DAY SALE! Starting today! from  8/31/2017 until 9/4/2017

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For our Website Store

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New CD release

Rotting Spiritual Embodiment


Live CD release.

1991 Recording from the Ultimate Death Metal Band

Incantation playing original classics tracks from the pre-Onward to Golgotha period

CD Remastered by Dan Swano in June 2017, features the old school line up

Craig Pillard – Guitar / Vocals

John McEntee – Guitar

Jim Roe – Drums

Ronnie Deo – Bass

For our Website Store

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We have updates on all our social Sites , here are a few  random links

Google Plus  +  –   Join our circles! For updates

Death Metal site   – An archive of Necroharmonic death metal collection ! Including letters , Flyers and Photos.



Rottrevore , Pentagram T shirts , Baphomet and Satanic shirts

UPDATED 7 / 18 / 17
Rottrevore – Hooded Green Logo Sweatshirt
Killer Logo Hooded sweatshirt for this tuned down sewage death metal band from the US… unique design 1st time ever available ! Pull over hoodie style with draw string hood , and logo front… No back print.
Pentagram – Tank Top with Red printed Pentagram
Black tank top with red printed Pentagram. Satanic symbol of evil.
Evil T shirt printed on a men’s tank top T shirt
Makes a great gift for a fan of the occult , halloween , or others
more OCCULT garments at this link :


Out Now

New release for Necroharmonic Productions , 3 new styles of Mortician shirts ( both Long Sleeve and Short sleeve  versions)

The New York Death Metal band here with some old school designs and killer merch for JUNE 2017.  Necroharmonic has had the pleasure of releasing the double CD release ” From The Casket ” and now here we have three styles of sick long sleeves and short sleeve tees for all the horror / grindcore / gore / maniacs  of the world !!


Short Sleeve merch

and we have Ladies Mortician T shirts available too.. same link.

Here is a snap shot

Here is a link for all the MORTICIAN merch we carry including Cds

One of the sickest bands in all of Death Metal history. It’s low tuned Horror / Gore / Grind style is the apex of brutality in the underground scene worldwide. Here are some T shirts you cannot do without ! Since 1989 Mortician has brought the sickest metal leaving a trail of beaten and bloody posers in its wake !

A little information about MORTICIAN for all here..

From the start of the New York Death Metal scene , Mortician not only has been one of the heaviest bands in the world , but also influenced countless others with their brand to horror infused gore / grind and embalming. These items we releases are short sleeve version and Long sleeve Tees  with some original artwork taken from 1990 era which was also used on their CD discography of the same name , and from their original artworks from the early days…. Some of the T shirts contains the original NYDM symbol drawn by drummer Matt Sicher ( R.i.p. ) and Logo drawn by a former mental patient.

Mortician known as one of the sickest bands , signed to Relapse Records in the early days  , now working independently to spread their sickness to the masses… they brought releases like ” House By the Cemetery ” , ” Hacked Up For Barbecue ” , ” Chainsaw Dismemberment ” , ” Domain of Death ” , ” Darkest Days Of Horror ” and ” Re-Animated Dead Flesh ” .

Mortician members formed their own labels which include

Redrum Records – Will Rahmer  ( Vocalist / Bass )


Primitive Recordings – Roger Beaujard (  Guitarist )

They both carry distro items as well as many other full color Mortician T shirts / Hoodies / and body parts of victims …

New Necroharmonic Productions T shirts with art by Mark Riddick May 2017

New Necroharmonic Productions T shirts with art by Mark Riddick

and also available in Red T shirt version

Death Metal T shirts from Sick artist Mark Riddick for Necroharmonic

More Necroharmonic brand merch is available as well from other excellent artists… Check this link for my eye gouging death T shirts!

All T shirts are available now….  at our Big Cartel Necroharmonic site

Necroharmonic SALE MAY 2017

starts May 9th , 2017

Death Metal SALE low priced Cds , Coupons May 2017 , coupon codes


Cheaper prices on every CD / T shirt / Hoodie / Sweat / Long Sleeve / Zipper Hoodie.. EVERYTHING!!
We marked down every item in our store… also added these coupons for additional price breaks.

Interested to pick up a few extra items ? We also have set up a some coupons

Buy $  50 worth of stuff  get  10 percent off  – enter code –   10OFF   at Check out

Buy $ 100 worth of stuff  get  15 percent off  – enter code –  15OFF   at Check out

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Buy $ 300 worth of stuff  get  30 percent off  – enter code –  30OFF   at Check out
Add these to our already marked down prices !
The coupon code box is on the  cart / checkout page.
Titles included  – Many Occult T shirts ( Pentagram / Baphomet )
Bands – Incantation , Mortician , Crematory (Sweden), Interment (Finland), Gut (Germany), Mucupurulent (Germany), Interment (Sweden), Libido Airbag (Germany ) + more
Necroharmonic T shirts – Support the label directly with sick T shirts by Mark Riddick+ more ONLY $10 EACH !
Horror T shirts – Zombi Holocaust , Giallo , DeathWish
We also carry Men’s XXL and XXXL Garments , as well as many Ladies / Girl’s / Women’s T shirts and Tank tops!

More New T shirts released !


UPDATED  4 / 17/ 2017


More New T shirts released !

Check these out !! Available now from the webstore at Bigcartel site


WTC  – WHITE T shirt  with Black Logo  – Available for sale now !!

And this one… WAKING THE CADAVER Logo Tee in Black / white



for more sick T shirts , long sleeves , hoodies , fleece and ladies tees .. Check out the website at

NECROHARMONIC  Newsletter   4 / 9  / 2017

A few NEW additions to our T shirts / Long Sleeve / Hoodie / Sweatshirt collection have been added…
Just added two T shirts from INTERMENT ( Sweden ) , but also including long sleeves, sweatshirts , and Hoodies.
More new styles are available from bands like Crematory (Swe),  Dripping, Waking The Cadaver, Necroharmonic brand, and a bunch of occult styled T shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies…Including Baphomet designs, Pentagram designs, Horror T shirts and a few more ladies tees.
Check out the website for more info ! Too much to list !
Click here to check out the website
Thanks for the support.. !!


New T shirts available !


New T shirts , Hoodies , Sweatshirts , ladies T shirts and more…. Released last few days on Necroharmonic

CREMATORY ” Requiem Of The Dead ” T shirt + Long Sleeve

WAKING THE CADAVER ” Body Stack ” T shirt

NECROHARMONIC ” Grave Ghoul ” Ladies Tee art by Mark Riddick

CREMATORY ” EXPLODING CHEST ”  Hooded Pullover Sweatshirt


+ MORE !!!  New Sweatshirts of Crematory , other Necroharmonic label T shirts and some Occult style Garments.. Check these out

BAPHOMET – Short sleeve  and  Long Sleeve T shirts

Also , more Pentagram Hoodies , T shirts and other Evil Garments !!

More stuff can be found at


UPDATE   – March 2017


Out now  New Necroharmonic Records T shirts..

This 1st one by Takashi Tkc Kawasaki the Necroharmonic baphomet






DRIPPING   ” BRING THE SUFFERING ”  new new styles added


For the Ladies….



CREMATORY – Swedish Death Metal

New T shirts available !


CREMATORY  ( SWEDEN )  T Shirts now available in Long sleeve / Short sleeve
All Crematory Items ( Merch ) Check this Link :


New *
CREMATORY ” Three Faces ”  T SHIRT   /  RED LONG SLEEVE style T shirt
New !!!!   Three Faces ( of death! )
CREMATORY ” Three Faces ”  T SHIRT   in WHITE / BLACK PRINT  T shirt
CREMATORY ” Three Faces ”  T SHIRT   in WHITE / BLACK PRINT Long Sleeve style T shirt
New *
” Exploding Chest ”  design early era Swedish Death Metal….
CREMATORY ” Exploding Chest ” Early Era artwork design on a LONG SLEEVE T shirt
CREMATORY ” Exploding Chest ” Early Era artwork design on SHORT SLEEVE style T shirt

New Also for March  23 , 2017


Dripping ” Bring The Suffering ” T shirt

Old school Dripping design with original Mike Majewski ( Devourment ) artwork !! One of the earliest unique brutal death metal bands from New Jersey


CREMATORY ( Swe ) ” The ExodiumT shirt  /  Long Sleeve T shirt
Swedish Death Metal legends here with the amazing demo artwork short sleeve and long sleeve T shirt . Front printed with the 1990 demo art… One of the sickest , lowest and most heavy demo T shirts arts… of all time…
CREMATORY ( Swe ) ”  Wrath From The Unknown  ”  T Shirt / Long Sleeve T shirt –  Classic Demo cover design for this demo 1991 cover art and sickest logo !!
T shirt is available in Men’s and Ladies Short sleeve shirts…sizes  Small  – XXXL
T shirt is available in Men’s Long sleeve shirts…sizes  Small  – XXXL


Sale going on ! Low prices ! Cds $3 / $4 / $9 double Cds

CREMATORY  ( SWEDEN ) ” The Exordium ” Long sleeve  T shirt  – Available now. Limited edition  !!!

also….available… Long Sleeve ” WRATH FROM THE UNKNOWN ” in LIMITED EDITION

UPDATED  2 / 18 /  2017

CREMATORY  ( SWEDEN ) ” The Exordium ”  T shirt  – Available now…

Swedish Death Metal legends here with the amazing demo artwork and original logo , printed on a short sleeve with the 1990 demo art… One of the sickest , lowest and most heavy demos of all time available now… Available in Mens and Ladies sizes.

Crematory Wrath From The Unknown Demo T shirts

Available now  at this link

Sick Swedish Death Metal T shirt ! Classic release ” Wrath From The Unknown “, one of Sweden’s genre of old school death best !


Swedish Down tuned Death Metal from early 1990’s !!…  This demo T shirt is among one of the most iconic old Swedish Death Metal arts.  Available in Mens and Ladies sizes.


12 / 20 / 2016

Out now !

INCANTATION ” Blasphemous Cremation ” CD

Blasphemous Cremation

The Classic recording which was originally to be a split LP with Amorphis ( Finland ) , but the reel to reels were later erased and recorded over to record the classic ONWARD TO GOLGOTHA album. One mix was saved , and here is its entire form !  6 Tracks of Death metal including alternative takes of some tracks… This Rough mix album was recorded with its original vocal mix and guitar solos and all…. The mix was thought to be lost forever but was saved from a tomb of unreleased recordings….now for the public to consume !

Incantation line up on this recording include

Craig Pillard – Guitar / Vocals

John McEntee – Guitar

Ronny Deo – Bass

Jim Roe – Drums

This cannot be missed for the death metal freaks who love the 1st album , this HEAVY mix was a precursor to one of the most classic metal albums of all time….




interment finland cd

Here is the cult 1990 FINLAND – INTERMENT With a MCD release of the demo / 7 ep ‘ LIFE HERE AFTER ‘ recorded in 1990 with ex Funebre guitarist Samppa Haapio, from 1st demo release.

This CD contains some additional Rehearsal tracks from 1992 as well, recorded before the they disbanded. The rehearsal tracks contain some vocals courtesy from early Funebre vocalist Jari Heinonen from the 1st demo ” Cranial Torment ” demo / or Brainspoon 7 ep “, and ” Children of Scorn ” release.

Special NECROHARMONIC Mini Length CD with one hard to find classic demo , and some added tracks from this Finnish band who played DEATH METAL in the hey-day of 1990 Finland Death bands.

The release brings 6 tracks and an outro…Cult layout contains some exclusive photos of the band. and an unreleased interview from DEATH VOMIT fanzine from their unpublished last issue , which was probably also the last band interview…


NECROHARMONIC  new release
incantation unholy massacre cd
INCANTATION  ” Unholy Massacre ” x 2 CD set   – Complete Demo Collection release  – Out Now !
Click here to buy :
INCANTATION “Unholy Massacre” x 2 CD 
Ultimate edition of all the early demos from one of the most influential bands in death metal.
Disc 1 : Contains the original mix of  “Demo # 1 – 1990 ” featuring Will Rahmer from Mortician on vocals and a live soundboard recording with Will, which was recorded in Buffalo, the blasphemous 1st live recording of Incantation with members of Profanatica from early 1990. Also included is the 1st rehearsal demo with Paul Ledney on vocals in its uncut format.
CD contains 14 Tracks.
Disc 2 : Contains an unreleased 2 song demo from 1990 with Craig Pillard on vocals and a live 8 song soundboard from New Jersey with excellent sound. To top it off 7 previously unreleased  pre- “Onward to Golgotha”  rehearsals tracks from early 1991 with original album members including John McEntee , Jim Roe , Craig Pillard and Ronny Deo.
CD contains 17 tracks.
This amazing double CD is the most comprehensive demo discography ever released, by the world most brutal grinding death metal band! Recordings culled from original 1st generation cassettes held over 25 years and unreleased until now…
Compiled with unseen photographs of the 1st (and only) show with the early line up with the guys of Profanatica. Also included is a massive archive of the earliest show flyers, early logos sketches, and band photos of Incantation never seen by the public…till now…
Over 30 tracks in all. Check out the website for more info and track listings.
Unleashed The Blood Of The Goat!
updated 4 / 16/ 2016

CREMATORY ” Denial ” 2 LP Record Store Day Limited to 100 copies


Reissue release on  Double ( white / Orange ) limited to 100 only.  The LP classic 1992 CD/MLP “ DENIAL “ as well as the Demos “ The Exordium “ 1990 , “ Wrath from the Unknown “ 1991 , and “ Netherworlds of the Mind “ 1992 Demo…also “Mortal Torment ” promo demo track 1989. Killer gatefold jacket of old photos , flyers and artwork + 1 unreleased rehearsal track from 1990 + Tons of rare flyers and art exclusive to this edition

crematory orange white Lp 900

One of the most amazing and sickest Swedish Death Metal releases of all time…..

Available now !  Check this link :

Crematory ” Denial ” gatefold 12″ Double LP

White / Orange Vinyl – Special Record store 2016 Edition.

Limited To 100 pressed

( 2 Lps )

Hand numbered copies , comes with Numerous old show flyers , art prints , and more ….Swedish Down tuned Death Metal from early 1990’s


Necroharmonic release

Sleazy 025 LP

Special edition released exclusively for Record Store Day 2016.

LP Records and Jackets are sent in a strong boxes with corner protection.

US orders sent via media mail with signature confirmation.




Out now !

 disma the lost vault of chaos

Disc # 1- The Vault of Membros demo.  For the 1st time on CD format, as well as the vinyl releases – The Manifestation, split Ep with Winterwolf and the split Ep with Convulse.


Disc # 2 –  Live on the Radio full set from Soma Degenerate show covering the early era of the band in uncut form.

Members of DISMA include early INCANTATION members Bill Venner 1990’ and Craig Pillard 1991’ to 95’ , Daryl Kahan – FUNEBRARUM, Randi Stokes – METHADRONE and Shawn Eldridge – FUNEBRARUM

 Recordings made in tape to tape reel/analog format at such studios as Technical Ecstasy / Analog Destruction / MF studios and Sound Spa Studios

 First starting with a 3 song demo tape “THE VAULT OF MEMBROS” Disma showed the incredible riffing and death metal blend of dual tuned down guitars, low rumbling bass and a smashing drummer.

Along with the deep vocals of Craig Pillard an instant classic was made.

 The band followed up each year recording 1st for a full length 7 ” Ep for Necroharmonic Productions and then a split 7” Ep with WINTERWOLF on Doomentia Records

 Next came a bonus 7” with 2 new exclusive tracks recorded specifically for the DIEHARD 2LP version of “Towards the Megalith” as well as the split 7” with CONVULSE



NEWS :  11/25/2015
DISCIPLES OF MOCKERY – Prelude to Apocalypse – LP
disciples of mockery LP
– Limited to 300 copies
coming soon !!  See website for details

updated 10 / 24 / 2015


PHLEGM logo Rhode island demo

Phlegm ” CONSUMED BY THE DEAD ” Double disc OUT NOW


TOM from Phlegm 1992 in Cleveland Live photo by Duaniac


Sale on CASELESS cds to Europe ( and the rest of the world )

necroharmonic cds low price quality death metal demos

Cds are $ 4.00 each

We have lowered postage rates on these to make more affordable music for places beyond USA  , where the postage rates are very high for Cased CD releases. Check out the selection and prices for postage.


Shop now





DISCIPLES OF MOCKERY ” Prelude to Apocalypse “

Vinyl into pressing…

ronnie deo DOM coming soon necroharmonic LP




Funebrarum “Beneath the Columns of Abandoned Gods “ CD

Funebrarum CD repress on Necroharmonic

Funebrarum from New Jersey started  with Nick Orlando, Dave Wagner , and  Daryl Kahan  being the core of the band. They recorded a few demos then recruiting drummer Brian Jimenez and making a few epic death metal recording sessions… One result being the album release ” Beneath the Columns of Abandoned  Gods ” which was released in CD format.

Originally released on Necroharmonic in 2001 , now has been resurrected in its original release form as a compact disc , with the original layout and tracks , lyrics and cover art.

Funebrarum have a long history with  the label Necroharmonic. We met for metal parties ,  gigs , and rehearsal sessions. The label ELEGY records was also run from the same – hells gate – house of the Funebrarum household , and many death metal freaks united !

A couple towns away was Kearny , NJ .. hometown of Necroharmonic in the 1990s. And was another set of brutal metal heads who formulated sick bands such as Evoken ,  Disma  , as well as newer styled brutal death such as Dripping and Kalopsia…. all from Kearny. Many of the roots were formed for bands such as Abazagorath at the Funebrarum compound and more bands in Northern New Jersey!

New Jersey was a melting pot for bands who played the NYC death metal / grindcore / black metal scene. As well as being the host to many traveling bands ( and band members )  .Funebrarum played just a few select shows with the original line up.  Before changing up drummers , and band members moving onto greater pastures ( other states ! ) In time a second album was rehearsed and recorded with a new label but the band continued to work closely with Necroharmonic , and the of course for the love of our local death metal gigs + scene !  So check out this CD release ! Amazing stuff !

OUT NOW…   Check this link :

Buy the CD directly here :




March news.. 3/9/2015


Out now : Crematory(Swe) ” Denial ” x2 Lp Gatefold record. Limited edition presses in multiple colors. Moving quickly… Editions limited to 166 almost sold out…


( update ! 7 / 2015 )


crematory a side


New releases forth coming on Necroharmonic


Phlegm – demo \ ep Discography.  Layout ready  just fine tuning the track listing –  Started pressing July 2015    OUT NOW !


Cattle press – Early / Demo / Discography – digging and remastering original recordings….in process for 2016-2017


Check out our revamped website at

 Crematory Blue vinyl Exordium insert 600 


crematory 600

Crematory ” Denial ” Dbl LP


Vinyl for Crematory ( Sweden ) ” Denial ” Double LP is starting to show up on our doorstep , and Lps being processed for hand numbering and pre-Order customers being contacted to confirm address info. Here is a few quick shots ..

update : ( now version = sold out !! )

One more version available in August 2015…see link here :


Crematory - Black / Blue presssing Lmited to 166 copies hand numbered
Crematory – Black / Blue presssing Lmited to 166 copies hand numbered




Crematory LP
Crematory LP


Crematory LP ships from the pressing plant around Monday…



Crematory   side  A/B ( of a two record set )   is pressed….. Monday of next week goes in the colors of side C/D of the Vinyl !! Very stoked!


1/3/2015 – News

crematory page viewer 2

Some new release news forthcoming !!  Awaiting vinyl pressing plants to re-open from long  XXX-MAS + NEW YEARS week.


News from Necroharmonic

2015 Necroharmonic releases


Here is a preview of whats coming up from …. 



Crematory “Denial “ x 2 LP – gatefold / hand numbered vinyl. see for info


Putrifact / Decay
Putrifact / Decay

Putrifact Decay – Split CD – Two bands from NJ, Which released obscure demos 25 years ago !


****      update !! September 26th 2015   ******

Phlegm ” CONSUMED BY THE DEAD ” Double disc  (  OUT NOW )





Phlegm “Consumed by the Dead “CD – Rhode Island 1st Death metal / Gore bands Discography has been released ( 9/26/2015 ) by Necroharmonic. The release party was set off with a show with DISMA  in Rhode Island at JIM FLEET’ (   Puker for PHLEGM )  FEST OF FREAKS

phlegm flyer 800



coming SOON


Disciples of Mockery “Prelude to Apocalypse “LP

 Limited vinyl version Pillard / Roe / Deo death!

Disciples of Mockery
Disciples of Mockery

DISCIPLES OF MOCKERY –  Prelude to Apocalypse TEST PRESS  as of October 2015 .



dom lp censored




Rottrevore “Disembodied “LP – Demos / 7 “eps discography vinyl



(No release dates. No pre Orders. Not all news published here. )



Our website at   is updated daily



Still working on for this year


Derketa “Goddess of Death “LP – Vinyl of the demos / 7 eps early discography – new photos from bands own archive


Cattlepress – Demo / Unreleased album session  and 7 ep – early discography


Womb / Disciples of Mockery – Split LP


Dripping “Bring the Suffering “LP

Plus repress of X 4 more classic Necroharmonic Cd’s in the final stages this winter 2015. Many vinyl releases feature new layouts, biographies, inserts, revamped better original cover arts, and inside unreleased photos and  , of course, some  have unreleased music tracks.


Cd’s available now :

DISMA ” The Lost Vault of Chaos ” Double CD (* new )

PHLEGM ” Consumed By the Dead ”  Double CD

FUNEBRARUM “Beneath the Columns of Abandoned Gods “CD

INCANTATION ” Blasphemous Cremation ”  CD

DISCIPLES OF MOCKERY ” Prelude to Apocalypse ” CD

CORPSE MOLESTATION “ Holocaust Wolves of the Apocalypse ” CD

ROTTREVORE ” Disembodied ” CD

EXMORTIS “ Darkened Path Revealed “ CD

GUT  ” The Singles Collection ” CD

GUT “ The Cumback  “ CD

MASTICATION / EXHUMED  ” Wicked Material Sanity  ”  CD

ANATOMIA ” Dissected Humanity ” Cd

GOREAPHOBIA ” Vile Beast of Abomination ” CD

DR SHRINKER  ” Grotesque Wedlock ”  CD .

DERKETA ” Goddess Of Death ”  CD


New releases coming for 2015




Crematory  ” Denial ”  Double gatefold X 2 LP Vinyl

Another part of Crematory LP innards showed up today….  More news to follow….!!


inner sleeve boxes Crematory LP web keeper

Necroharmonic spoke to the vinyl plant today as well. This release is coming along . No set release date till we are happy with the package , and then 1st set of pre-order customers / labels  will be handled before the record goes for sale to the masses…

Beware of false news  made by trolls on message boards. They don’t know shit and they are not customers of ours either !!

New Releases +  about Crematory LP release page .


or to Buy pressing limited to 166 on Dark Purple / Red

crematory a side


Click this link :


Crematory ” Denial ” LP pressing in full swing….  We got the center label proofs back and they have been approved. Some pressing color details will be provided shortly on this website….




11/28/14 – news

Crematory  ” Denial ”  Double Gatefold LP release into final pressing stage

crem sleeve 3rd

The Long awaited double vinyl record of Crematory ( Swe ) is now into the pressing plant with records hopefully set to arrive before XXXMas or Early New year ( depending on the record plant speed during the holiday times )


end of old news. Check out

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