Cattle Press release News for Necroharmonic early discography in the works

Cattle Press Release News 

cattlepress necroharmonic demo CD release



Some news about the CATTLE PRESS release forthcoming on Necroharmonic.


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There is an older Cattle Press interview in the archive system of this site as well. Definite !You must also check it out !

After 25 years of friendship a massive release has been planned of the early demo , unreleased , live and unheard music of NYC band CATTLE PRESS.

Following the dissolve of NY band SIN  who released a split with SPINE WRENCH  . which contains some members of DEVIATED INSTINCT and Born Against,. Around 1993/1994/1995 Cattle press formed and created a excellent demo recording entitled ” SLAVES TO THE RHYTHM OF DISMEMBERMENT ”  using the ways of a drum machine  ( not unlike SIN ) and a deeper more dismal version of early GODFLESH or PITCHSHIFTER . A few shows were played using the electronic drum methods until a collapse of the program and beats recorded especially for this demo recording.

The band came back into the fold with an actual human drummer and started to hone the unique heavy sounds of CATTLE PRESS . Switching some members around and keeping some of the demo tracks , and including some new tunes. The style was changing abit with the drummer , but not without the HEAVY sounds. The new vocalist was required , and filled in by several , including LINO RECA from future acts such as Ceremonium , Hemlock , GhettoBlaster , and Villains . Some additional session members also played with CATTLE PRESS , but check out the interview for some more about that !