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Funebrarum 1st album repress on Necroharmonic

May 8 , 2015

Funebrarum “Beneath the Columns of Abandoned Gods “ CD

Funebrarum CD repress on Necroharmonic


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The now legendary album available again in its original form. Funebrarum formed in 1998-1999 with Nick Orlando (ex-Evoken founder) , Dave Wagner ( Evoken , ex-Abazagorath ) , Daryl Kahan ( Disma ) and drummer Brian Jimenez . This 5 track ( album / mcd ) is 30 mins of some of the heaviest and most death metal riffs and songs ever put to CD.

Originally released on Necroharmonic in 2001 , now has been resurrected in its original release form as a compact disc , with the original layout and tracks , lyrics and cover art.


funebrarum show thrown by Necroharmonic with Evoken at Hartleys


Funebrarum was formed by Nick Orlando (  formerly of Evoken ) ,  Daryl Kahan ( now Disma ) ,   and Dave Wagner ( currently of Evoken )  …in 1998 / 1999  formed and shortly after demos were recorded , and then Necroharmonic released this CD for its 1st pressing in 2001.

This release contains 30 mins of some of the most heavy death metal ever made ,  and  is one of the  most classic albums of all time. This Cd edition has been repressed in its original 5 song format , with original layout , lyrics and cover art.


Necroharmonic release

Sleazy 003

Cattle Press release News for Necroharmonic early discography in the works

Cattle Press Release News 

cattlepress necroharmonic demo CD release



Some news about the CATTLE PRESS release forthcoming on Necroharmonic.


check this interview , and support this .com !

There is an older Cattle Press interview in the archive system of this site as well. Definite !You must also check it out !

After 25 years of friendship a massive release has been planned of the early demo , unreleased , live and unheard music of NYC band CATTLE PRESS.

Following the dissolve of NY band SIN  who released a split with SPINE WRENCH  . which contains some members of DEVIATED INSTINCT and Born Against,. Around 1993/1994/1995 Cattle press formed and created a excellent demo recording entitled ” SLAVES TO THE RHYTHM OF DISMEMBERMENT ”  using the ways of a drum machine  ( not unlike SIN ) and a deeper more dismal version of early GODFLESH or PITCHSHIFTER . A few shows were played using the electronic drum methods until a collapse of the program and beats recorded especially for this demo recording.

The band came back into the fold with an actual human drummer and started to hone the unique heavy sounds of CATTLE PRESS . Switching some members around and keeping some of the demo tracks , and including some new tunes. The style was changing abit with the drummer , but not without the HEAVY sounds. The new vocalist was required , and filled in by several , including LINO RECA from future acts such as Ceremonium , Hemlock , GhettoBlaster , and Villains . Some additional session members also played with CATTLE PRESS , but check out the interview for some more about that !

Phlegm release on Necroharmonic



New Release Upcoming on NECROHARMONIC in 2015phlegmLogoGreen


We have been working on a PHLEGM demo discography on Necroharmonic for the last year or two and the project is close to being completed.  Phlegm ( for those who don’t know ) was an early Death Metal / Grindcore / Goregrind band from Rhode Island USA.

They played 50 – 60 or more shows with all the top most brutal bands from 1988-1994 including DEATH , ENTOMBED ,  CARCASS , DARK ANGEL ,  PUNGENT STENCH , BRUTAL TRUTH , IMPETIGO , INCANTATION , REPULSION , MYTHIC …just too many bands to list… . The hard work of the band singer throwing some of the early shows or ” DEATH FEST ” styled shows ,  long before such things  existed in the metal scene.  Watch our this website and bigCartel for more upcoming info shortly

 ( also some Merch to go with the CD release !! )


PHLEGM Demo CD on Necroharmonic

Some items that are on the  CD release include the following :

Consumed By The Dead ” demo 1990

Clothshanger Abortion ” Demo 1989

Satan’s Rectum ” Demo 1988

Masterpiece of Mutilation ” 7 ” ep

and Pre- production ” Consumed .. ” Demo previously unreleased.

+ More !!


Old school fest line up with fellow Necroharmonic bands Incantation , Phlegm , Putrifact
Old school fest line up with fellow Necroharmonic bands Incantation , Phlegm , Putrifact



Goreaphobia Vile Beast of Abomination LP / Cd / Ad

3 / 6 / 2015


Recently Necroharmonic artist Goreaphobia released an LP format 12″  wax of the classic album ” Vile Beast of Abomination ”  originally  Released  in 2006 on Necroharmonic , now licensed for a 2015 release on Dark Descent records .

The vinyl version of the release covers the studio recordings sessions from the 1st  demo  up til 2004 release ” Vile Beast.. ”

” Vile Beast of Abomination ” CD is  still available , with extra tracks that didn’t make the vinyl version . These extra tracks were taken from the classic 1st death metal festival ”  A DAY OF DEATH ”  in October , 1990. And will only be available here….

To check out the Goreaphobia CD here is the link to Buy It.

CD release has an extensive story , and it is 20 pages long and has a detailed intensive history on the band from day ” zero  ” til the recording of ” Vile Beast ” session…. including old photos , flyers and artwork.

Goreaphobia 2004
Goreaphobia 2004

– on –  Vile Beast – ,  they even brought back two  old tunes ( played live many times…) , one was CREMATE IN HATE which was a total classic back in the demo times concerts ~

We will keep you posted on the vinyl release !! Necroharmonic is dying to check it out , they used a revamped Drew Elliott artwork !



Goreaphobia CD + T shirt advertisement
Goreaphobia CD + T shirt advertisement



Crematory Denial x2 LP out Now

CREMATORY “ DENIAL “  X 2 LP release

Swedish  Death Metal from early 1990’s !! Denial release + Demos.

( UPDATE !  SOLD OUT…. two editions forthcoming watch links …)

Gatefold / Double Lp Vinyl . Limited color versions

Crematory Blue vinyl Exordium insert 600

Reissue release with classic 1992 CD/MLP “ DENIAL “ as well as the Demos “ The Exordium “ 1990 , “ Wrath from the Unknown “ 1991 , and “ Netherworlds of the Mind “ 1992 Demo…also “Mortal Torment ” 1989. Killer booklet of old photos , flyers and artwork.


Crematory - Black / Blue presssing Lmited to 166 copies hand numbered
Crematory – Black / Blue presssing Lmited to 166 copies hand numbered

(sold out ! Blue / Black sold out ! )

track listing :

” Denial EP (1992)
” The Exordium ” demo 1 (1990)
” Wrath From the Unknown ” demo 2 (1991)
” Netherworlds of the Mind ” demo 3 (1992)
” Mortal Torment ” Promo 1989 (bonus track)
+ unreleased exclusive rehearsal track !! from 1990


Crematory Yellow / Green vinyl - Limted to 200 copies
Crematory Yellow / Green vinyl – Limted to 200 copies


CREMATORY ” Denial ” X 2 LP

Double LP vinyl , gatefold jacket.
Swedish Downtuned Death Metal from early 1990’s !!…
Reissue release on LP with classic 1992 CD/MLP “ DENIAL “ as well asthe Demos “ The Exordium “ 1990 , “ Wrath from the Unknown “ 1991, and “ Netherworlds of the Mind “ 1992 Demo…
also “Mortal Torment ” 1989. Killer gatefold jacket of old photos ,flyers and artwork. + 1 unreleased track !!

contains : Double LP colored vinyl .

LP – 1
Denial EP (1992)
The Exordium demo 1 (1990)

LP – 2
Wrath From the Unknown demo 2 (1991)
Rehearsal track ” Wrath from the known ” recorded 1990
Netherworlds of the Mind demo 3 (1992)
Mortal Torment ” Promo (1989 )

Necroharmonic release

Sleazy 025 LP

Death Metal band from Stockholm Sweden…. among the heaviest of all Swedish death metal demo bands. Crematory released 3 demo tapes , and One Mini LP of 4 tracks.  Necroharmonic has pressed the original demos ,  ” Denial ” LP , and more into this release. Contains a gate fold cover , hand numbered editions , with various colors.  Each limited and on unique swirl colored vinyl .

Here is some member information :

Urban Skytt Guitars (1989-1993)
currently in General Surgery  as of 2015 , Nasum ,  also  ex-Crucifyre , ex-Regurgitate member…

Mats Nordrup Drums (1989-1993)
ex-General Surgery, ex-Regurgitate, ex-Afflicted Convulsion member

Johan “Joppe” Hanson Bass (1989-1993)
ex-Regurgitate member

Stefan Harrvik Vocals (1989-1993) ex-Necrophobic member

And….Early members…

Patrik Nilsson Drums
ex-Concrete Sleep, ex-Crucifyre

Mikael Lindvall Guitars (1989)
ex-Proboscis, ex-Afflicted Convulsion

Rottrevore LP

Rottrevore LP fothcoming on Necroharmonic Records.



More graphic madness on the sewage death PA band ROTTREVORE.  The VINYL LP ” Disembodied ”  release is layed out .  Almost ready for an nice waxy pressing as a record.

Rottrevore  ” Disembodied ”  LP . will be available within the next few months.  We used the orginal artwork , re scanned all the old photos of the band , and set up a real old school layout.


Old school fest line up with fellow Necroharmonic bands Incantation , Phlegm , Putrifact
Old school fest line up with fellow Necroharmonic bands Incantation , Phlegm , Putrifact…

The CD release from the Rottrevore Demos is still available at


Rottrevore was formed in November of 1989 by Mark Mastro (guitar/vocals) and Chris Weber (guitar/vocals). Mark had just ended his underground zine, “Infernal Bleeding” and Chris had just departed from his former band, “Chaotic Plague”. The pair joined forces and began to fuse together their first few song arrangements. They drew their influences from many European/Scandinavian and American bands. The musical direction of the band was a deadly recipe of low-tuned brutal death metal, with a dark and doomy atmosphere and a slight grinding edge.Chris Free, a local bassist who shared the same interests, was asked to join the band. Things melded great, but the short supply of drummers in the area was starting to put a strain on the threesome so Chris asked an old friend, Nick Esquivel if he would be interested in filling the position and finally, the line-up was complete.

In June of 1990, the band entered the studio for the first time to record their demo entitled “The Epitome Of Pantalgia” was recorded as a demo was well received

Then Relapse Records released a 7″ vinyl release entitled “Copulation Of The Virtuous And Vicious” would be the band’s second offering and feature three new tracks.


In May of 1991, recorded one comp track for an infamous comp ,  shortly after , drummer Nick Esquivel left the band and they found a replacement drummer by the name of Bob O’lexa.

In 1992 the  7 ” EP “Fornication In Delirium” for the Dutch label Cenotaph Records




Crematory – LP tracklist

LP 1

” Denial ” Mlp

1.Into Celephais
2.Chunks of Flesh
4.Unconsecrated Ground
” The Exordium ” Demo

5.The Exordium
6.Chunks of Flesh
7.Unevasive Possession
8.Requiem of the Dead
LP 2

” Wrath From The Unknown ” Demo

9.Beneath the Crypts…
10.Unconsecrated Ground
11.Wrath From the Unknown
13.Wrath from The Unknown ( rehearsal ) 1990 – unreleased
” Netherworlds of The Mind ” Demo

14.Enshrouded (in the River of Eternity)
15.Netherworlds of the Mind
16.Souls Astray
17.Dwellers in Twilight

18.Mortal Torment ( Promo demo track )