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Disciples Of Mockery LP

Disciples Of Mockery LP – Out Now


disciples of mockery LP

1st time on vinyl record – OUT NOW !!

Limited hand numbered edition to 300 copies on 180 gram black vinyl record. , Comes with large fold out insert / lyric sheet.

Line up for D.O.M

Craig Pillard – Vocals / Guitar
Jim Roe – Drums
Ronny Deo – Bass
Mike Boyce – Guitar


Craig , Ronny , and Jim were players on the classic Onward to Golgotha record in 1992 , and played in the early classic line up of Incantation in the early days of 1990 – 1994.  Disciples of Mockery and Womb were created a few years later , and recorded some of the most heavy records known to mankind also !

D.o.m recorded a 3 track promo before producing this full length album ” Prelude to Apocalypse ” in 1999.  The brutal death metal and black sound took the band to a new level of serious metal with this recording . Many shows were played , but the band disbanded within a few years of this opus.

Now available as a LP vinyl record for the collecting purists .

DOM back of LP photo 1 tiff flat just band 889 pixels


side 1

Literal Upheaval of the Earth
Our Father Who Art as Nothing
Prelude to Absolution
God of Love
Behold the Holy Virgin Whore

side 2

An Endless Pursuit for a Satisfying Pain
Sustained in Desolation
Rotting Immaculate Like You

Recorded in 1999



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NEWS :  11/25/2015
DISCIPLES OF MOCKERY – Prelude to Apocalypse – LP
disciples of mockery LP
– Limited to 300 copies
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PHLEGM Consumed By The Dead double CD

PHLEGM ‘ Consumed By The Dead ” Double CD


For sale here

PHLEGM Consumed By the Dead Double CD


Phlegm CD

Here is a collection a DOUBLE CD release of ALL the classic studio demo releases , including ” CONSUMED BY THE DEAD ” demo , ‘ CLOTHESHANGER ABORTION ” demo , “SATAN’S RECTUM ” demo and pre release demo ” MASTERPIECE OF MUTILATION ” .

Rhode Island’s most cult and underground band Demo discography release. Phlegm was formed in 1988 and released demos and a 7″ ep til 1991. They played 100’s of shows and set up some of the earliest death metal fests and booked the sickest bands of the early 1990’s

Contains all 4 demos , 42 total tracks , includes two previously unreleased tracks.

Also !

Necroharmonic has added another bonus CD disc # 2 another full length LIVE soundboard release. Including 13 tracks performed live in 1991. with special guest by ANAL CUNT singer Seth Putnam

50+ tracks of the most vile and rotten death metal from 1988-1991
Cd included a complete history on the band , and flyers , old photos and more


Mucupurulent – Sicko baby CD repress on Necroharmonic with demos , 7 eps + more

MUCUPURULENT ” Sicko baby + More Babes ” CD  release

German Goregrind classic for all times SICKO BABY  full length album , with extra tracks from the Demo Release ” Bizarre tales… ” , 7 ” ep tracks ,  and unreleased tracks much more….

Repress version available now on  Necroharmonic


mucupurulent sicko baby cd cover

Buy it here :



Sick Goregrind / Pornogrind / Grindcore / Death metal from Germany


Track Listing preview

Tracks – #1-21: the “Sicko Baby” release
Tracks – #22-32: the “Bizarre Tales of the Abnormal” demo
Tracks – #33-36: the “Remind the Bizarre” split EP with Cabal
Track #37: “Disgorging Foetus” (recorded for a Regurgitate tribute album released in 2001)
Track #38: “Gay’s Erection” (unreleased – recorded in 1995 during the same session as the demo and the split EP with Cabal)
Track #39: “Splatter Whore” (same as #38)
Track #40: “Raw, Brutal, Rough and Bloody” (unreleased – recorded in 1997 for a deleted GG Allin tribute album)


mucu oval 700

Crematory ( Swe ) x 2 LP Yellow / Green vinyl Limited to 200 worldwide

CREMATORY – Denial double LP release. Swedish Death Metal

track listing :
” Denial EP (1992)
” The Exordium ” demo 1 (1990)
” Wrath From the Unknown ” demo 2 (1991)
” Netherworlds of the Mind  ” demo 3 (1992)
” Mortal Torment ” Promo 1989 (bonus track)
+ unreleased exclusive rehearsal track !! from 1990
gatefold cover , added gig flyers , band history and original artworks
CREMATORY yellow and green necroharmonic lp
Available in limited amounts…. about 50 copies left
LP 1
side A
” Denial ” Mlp
1.Into Celephais
2.Chunks of Flesh
4.Unconsecrated Ground
side B
” The Exordium ” Demo
5.The Exordium
6.Chunks of Flesh
7.Unevasive Possession
8.Requiem of the Dead
LP 2
side A
” Wrath From The Unknown ” Demo
1.Beneath the Crypts…
2.Unconsecrated Ground
3.Wrath From the Unknown
” Rehearsal 1990 “
5.Wrath from The Unknown  1990 – Unreleased
side B
” Netherworlds of The Mind ” Demo
6.Enshrouded (in the River of Eternity)
7.Netherworlds of the Mind
8.Souls Astray
9..Dwellers in Twilight
”  1989 Promo demo “
10.Mortal Torment

Mucupurulent CD repress , Phlegm Double CD pressing + Disma / Phlegm Live Sept 26 2015

Necroharmonic news  September 3 , 2015

PHLEGM ” Consumed By The Dead ” double CD
Coming soon….  At the Pressing plant now…..
Also coming soon…. Repress of one of the Sickest German Goregrind bands
MUCUPURULENT ” Sicko baby + more babes ” CD
Both releases Out the end of September 2015
Dont miss this either …
DISMA / PHLEGM Live September 26th , 2015
FLEET’s FEST OF FREAKS in Rhode Island
Check out our websites for details
for new releases + represses

Phlegm CD coming soon

PHLEGM release coming soon !!

Discography CD release of Rhode Island’s most hated and brutal band PHLEGM.


tom jump keeper


from 1987-1988 till 1993-1994 Phlegm recorded several Demos , each more foul and brutal than the last. The sound started more like noise , and evolved into one of the most know and hard working US bands from 1990- till the bands singer was jailed in the mid 1990s.

Now back from the depths of hell , PHLEGM is back , playing shows , and this Demo / early release captures the disgusting rise of Rhode Island’s most underground band.









Death Metal Bandcamp

Necroharmonic Bandcamp Open 

Death metal Bandcamp

 Necroharmonic Japnese rot


Old Necroharmonic releases available for download , via Bandcamp
Check out samples of the bands….
Exclusive content and rare recordings…
Upcoming release clips….
Bring your favorite albums along with you mobily …
Some exclusive upcoming Phlegm tracks …
But !  Some releases already uploaded full albums of bands like:
Crematory , Incantation , Corpse Molestation , Disma , Exhumed , Interment , Wombbath , Gut , Waking The Cadaver , Mastication , Mucupurulent , Fatal , Anatomia , Dripping , Disciples of Mockery , Dr Shrinker , Womb , Autopsy , Exmortis , Abscess , Eternal Darkness , Derketa, Rottrevore , Goreaphobia , and more !
Upcoming , Plenty of rare unreleased recordings , Live soundboards , demos , upcoming releases , 25 years worth of Death Metal Archives.
Since Necroharmonic was formed as a record label , we have amassed a huge collection of recordings , and rare demo music.
This includes Live soundboard music , audience recordings , and much much more. Since not every release can become a actual record , tape , or CD.
Necroharmonic does not want to horde the recordings of some of the most classic metal bands of the 1980’s , 1990s , and 2000’s , so with being a place we can spread our releases from over the years , we can also offer up some of our massive collection of rarities.

News in July 2015 from Necroharmonic Death metal record label

New Death metal releases in July / August / September 2015 on Necroharmonic

Necroharmonic records new release news for next few months. Death metal most extreme albums and demos discography releases on LP and CD format. coming soon :

crematory ad revised 500

Crematory “Denial “ x 2 LP – gatefold / hand numbered vinyl. final edition of 166 copies ( in transit ) other versions about all gone !

Crematory ( coming In end of July…. )


Phlegm “Consumed by the Dead “CD – Rhode Island 1st Death metal / Gore bands Discography – coming this summer !

Phlegm ( coming in end of August…)


Disciples of Mockery “Prelude to Apocalypse “LP – Limited vinyl version Pillard / Roe / Deo death !  ( into pressing  plant )

(  end September /  early October release . more news soon )


Masters are made for several new releases , as well as layouts , filled with obscure photos , info and rare recordings. Many Necroharmonic   titles are in the works  ,, new and old, each in various stages.

Another – Newer –  Release announcement coming out , but 1st these releases listed above will hit the underground.  Maybe within the next month  , NH can announce some special new titles we have been working on… with bands worldwide….who you will love !

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Necroharmonic Newsletter July 4th !!

Thank you !

Thanks from Necroharmonic to the following bands / friends / freaks for the great support this past year – Crematory ( Urban  + Mats  , Oscar, Brandon , Chris Ceremonium , Alex Bouks , Jim Roe , Craig Pillard , Jim Fleet , Skip Headrot , Mike Brown . Cattlepress , Dave Wagner , Venner , Jeff Wolfe , Jim Stanic , Brian Abt , Jill , Mike Pandorff ,Duaniac , Paul , Billy Nocera , Jeff Deathvomit , Nick Orlando , Victor , Sly ,Bill Connolly , Stevo  , Interment , Marco , Raul , Leon , Tino , Dave Britts ,  Brian Pattison ,  and just so many more!


Thank you !