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SEPT 27 – SEPT 30TH , 2018


Necroharmonic Sale – spend $20 and Use Coupon SEPT at check out for 30% off !!

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DRIPPING ( N.J ) – Demos CD repress out now Brutal Death Metal…classic demos !! Out now!


Updated – August 29, 2018
New !!! 

DRIPPING / CADAVERMENT ” Bring The Suffering ” CDClassic and Brutal Death Metal from New Jersey this release is a collection of all the Demos , Studio sessions and Rare DRIPPING!

Buy it here :

New Jersey Brutal Slam Band. Classic demos release from this early and innovative Death Metal band. Killer Split CD!!

“Dripping” Demos – December 2000, Demo #1 and April 2001, Demo #2, Untitled Unreleased Studio Session, July 2001

“Cadaverment” Demos- July 1999, Demo #2 and “Bring The Suffering” March 1999, Demo #1

Out now !!!


Other Dripping merch available here :




DISCIPLES OF MOCKERY / INTERMENT ( Finland ) / NECROVORE T shirts / Long Sleeves + Possessed Demo Cds

Necroharmonic  JUNE 2018




” Prelude To Apocalypse ” T-SHIRTS / LONG SLEEVES



also available in LONG SLEEVE version.

Art is printed in light grey on a black long sleeved tee.


Click this link to Buy The Long-sleeve D.O.M. T shir



Interment ” Life Here After ” T-shirt

Finland Death metal greats! Available for the 1st time ever Short Sleeve T-shirt of the cover for ” Life Here After ” release. Originally an EP art from 1991. A few years ago Necroharmonic released a Mini CD with the Demo / 7 ” ep Tracks and some other rarities. This band will be never be overlooked in the early Finland Death Metal scene. They disband after just one release, but the legacy lives on!


Click this link below to Buy the INTERMENT ( FINLAND ) T-shirt


Some New Items added to our store DISTRO SECTION


Link to Buy:


We added some POSSESSED Demo Cds ” REANIMATION ” TOO!

Link to Buy it :

POSSESSED – Reanimation CD/DVD (Dual Disc)

REDRUM RECORDS records release ( and distro item for a limited time ) we have very few copies….

The only official and remastered versions of the legendary POSSESSED’s 1984 “Death Metal” demo, 1984 “Rehearsal”, various live tracks from 1984-1986, alternate studio album mixes and a 2004 re-recorded, new version of “The Exorcist” on one CD- 19 tracks with a total time close to 80 minutes! The DVD contains 2 rare full concerts (in raw form remastered as best as possible) filmed in Berkleley, CA, 1984 and Baltimore, MD 1987 and 2 bonus songs from San Francisco, CA, 1984 with a total of 25 tracks close to two hours in time!

This is a dual-layer CD/DVD with both NTSC and PAL formats included! Killer cover artwork and layout done by Alfred Mulle (Demonic Designs) on behalf of REDRUM RECORDS and POSSESSED. All on One CD / DVD disc !!

Classic and old-school release which was made especially for true maniac POSSESSED fans, collectors and new fans that can see how the world’s first “death metal” band originated!

INCANTATION ” Blasphemous Cremation ” T shirts / Long Sleeve / Sweatshirts OUT NOW

Necroharmonic  MAY 2018




This INCANTATION  Long Sleeve is available again, with the original logo style and revamped for Necroharmonic for 2018 with some brutal logo sleeve prints! Excellent and now classic CHRIS MOYEN artwork!

Incantation ” Blasphemous Cremation ” Long Sleeve T-shirt


Buy the long sleeve Incantation T-shirt  ” Rotting ” at This link


Incantation ” Blasphemous Cremation ”  T-shirt  available at this link


Buy the Incantation  ” Rotting ” Short Sleeve T-Shirts  here at this link

Also, some Sweatshirts for INCANTATION are available with sleeve prints


Check this link




Some new released and distro items on the website.

Mayhem ” Deathcrush ” Demo T shirts

Possessed ” Reanimation ” CD – Demos ! ( and video! )

Death Wish  ( Charles Bronson movie ! ) LS / TS

Baphomet  ” Baseball Jersey ” Shirts

Carcass ” No peace ‘ T shirt / Long sleeve

Dissection  Hooded Ladies T shirts

Phlegm – Hooded Logo Sweatshirts

Phlegm – Logo T shirts

Impetigo T shirts  ( 4 styles )

Waking The Cadaver Hoodies ( with old logo )

Waking the Cadaver Tank Tops (  In white )

Occult T shirts / Sweatshirts / Long sleeves

Goreaphobia ” Morbidious Pathology ” T shirts / Hoodies / LS / Girls

Goreaphobia ”  Demo ” Artwork Long sleeves


420 sale at NECROHARMONIC coupon spend $20 / Type 420 Coupon at Check out for $4.20 off!


420 sale at NECROHARMONIC with coupon spend $20 / Type 420 Coupon at Check out for $4.20 off !


420 sale at NECROHARMONIC with coupon spend $20 / Type 420 Coupon at Check out for $4.20 off !

INCANTATION New T shirts and Long Sleeve T shirts Rotting Death metal for April 2018


APRIL 2018  New Death metal T-shirt / Long Sleeve Releases




Buy the long sleeve Incantation T shirt ” Rotting ” at This link

Buy the Incantation  ” Rotting ” Short Sleeve T shirt at this link



Some new Releases on the website !

Carcass ” No peace ‘ T shirt / Long sleeve

Dissection  Hooded Ladies T shirts

Phlegm – Hooded Logo Sweatshirts

Phlegm – Logo T shirts

Impetigo T shirts  ( 4 styles )

Waking The Cadaver Hoodies ( with old logo )

Waking the Cadaver Tank Tops (  In white )

Occult T shirts / Sweatshirts / Long sleeves

Goreaphobia ” Morbidious Pathology ” T shirts / Hoodies / LS / Girls

Goreaphobia ”  Demo ” Artwork Long sleeves


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Necroharmonic 2018 updates new Death Metal T shirts, Hoodies, Long Sleeves and More!

Necroharmonic 2018 updates new Death Metal T shirts, Hoodies, Long Sleeves and More!

Massive updates to the website. T shirt making and distro has been in full scale blast from mid December 2017 – January 2018.

We added tons of killer DEATH METAL garments including T shirts, Hoodies, Long Sleeve Tees, Ladies T shirts, Fleece Crew Neck sweatshirts and more. take a look !

Some new items added including a return of some limited run items which were originally released back in early 2010 and we decided to revisit some of the old styles before we revamp the distro in 2018.

Here are some of the sick items we have added to the website + links

Rottrevore Logo T shirts

Nihilist Logo Ladies T shirts in the section

Direct link :


Rottrevore  – Demo cover Hoodie with Logo front print in white

Goreaphobia “Morbidous Pathology” Long Sleeve T shirt

Waking The Cadaver – Black Logo on Red Long Sleeve T shirt

Mastication ( Sweden )  Demo – T shirt

New Items added in all these Links : Too much to list here!!!

and More Distro stuff available here , Hoodies sweatshirts,etc

Yes ! We have another HUGE update forthcoming as well. Been busy really going through the archive of the past Necroharmonic bands.

We make all our items usually in a limited amount , so once they are gone they are gone ! In past years we have carried merch from bands such as God Macabre , Funebrarum , Gorement , Disma , Wombbath, Macabre End, Traumatic , Nominon and many more…  all retired after a small amount were made. We enjoy the limited edition merchandise more than mass produced  death metal . This is our way to keep the old ways of the UNDERGROUND old school death metal scene alive and well, when things were more obscure and hard to come by… Nowadays the glut of Chinese bootlegs , Bulgarian T shirt sites with no connection to the bands in anyway have cheapened the scene… so our mission if to bring back the old ways !!

Hope you enjoy !!

Necroharmonic 2018



New Swedish Death Metal T shirts, Sweatshirts and Hoodies Listed on the Necroharmonic website December 10 2017


New Updates for Necroharmonic in December 2017

Check out these links and photos for some new stuff in the store.

Nihilist  ( Sweden ) – Fleece Sweatshirts

Entombed – T shirts

Nihilist – Hooded Sweatshirts

Grotesque ( Sweden ) T shirts


Grave ” Anatomia Corporis Humani ” White Sweatshirt

Lots of new updates on the web store ! Probably about 20 – 30 new items added in the last few weeks. We started to distribute some Non- Necroharmonic titles from SOOT productions.  We have plans to distro some select merch in the future from Mortician records , Deathgasm , and a few others. It will be the 1st time in well over 5 years we carried some stuff other than our own products. We want to support some of the cool labels who support us! More to come!