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Phlegm Live !!! Photo by Duaniac


Formed in 1988 by Jim Fleet the band including Steve Couchier, Pete Blaise and Bo Cameri recorded the Satans Rectum demo after playing a few shows (including the legendary Monsters of Shit with Anal Cunt, Satans Warriors, Shit Scum, etc… GG was suppose to play but he was all fucked up, if you never heard of the show you must be a fucking poser). Later that year Tomas Elefsiades joined the band and in 1989 they recorded Clothes Hanger Abortion. They continued to play the New England scene that year. After a few line up changes the band was set with Fred Ordonez and Andy Jones so touring the rest of the US was the agenda for 1990. In January 1991 Consumed by the Dead was released and backed up again with a US tour, later that year Masterpiece of Mutilation was released. The following year new material was written in between touring but it was never recorded in a studio (though there are some live tapes around).

Band is active and reformed last few years , playing a show here and there..


Early Consumed By The Dead line up shot