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Ancient Death 

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The Bands Necroharmonic has worked with since our inception.

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more bands added soon to our list of old releases.  last update 7/20/22

Necroharmonic – sleazy 001



Party Till Ya Pee Red with Autopsy
Party Till Ya Pee Red with Autopsy

Bands who released music with Necroharmonic….

The ongoing story of a record label and its alumni for total death metal releases.

autopsy logo DRIP 1

During  the Autopsy / Incantation tour  of 1993  . Autopsy invaded NYC and Jersey  with a smoked out tour bus ,  new releases + mostly classics to play . They even brought along some Doomed members to spread the foul death metal sounds from the early 1990s to the US fans.

Being welcomed to the area in the Necroharmonic homestead , some releases were worked out thru the bands posthumous years preceding this tour

Now reformed and dominating death metal again , we are proud to be part of their heritage !  Autopsy are back 110 percent in 2015 like they never left !!!

The releases which we released include the following

Autopsy ” Tortured Moans of Agony ”  Double 7″ ep  record

Autopsy ” Tortured Moans of Agony ” Double 7″ ep

Autopsy ” Ridden With Disease ” Demos CD
Ridden with Disease
Ridden with Disease

After doing a few More Necroharmonic releases including WOMB / Disciples of Mockery split CD , and many more ,

Necroharmonic worked with Autopsy again ( then dead as fuck.. ) to release this putrid live CD mixing the double EP tracks , as well as a soundboard show from Mexico .

Autopsy ” Dead as Fuck ”  Live albums CD
Dead as Fuck
Dead as Fuck


Abscess logo
Abscess ” Thirst for Blood , Hunger For Flesh ” CD
Thirst for Blood .. Hunger for Flesh
Thirst for Blood .. Hunger for Flesh

From Artist Dennis Dredd and Autopsy guys !

Autopsy and Abscess releases on Necroharmonic
Autopsy and Abscess releases on Necroharmonic

Here is a small live clip from one of the tracks ,  from Autopsy , that made it on the Dead As Fuck release.


In 1990 Necroharmonic started as a distro and released a few demo cassette tapes which were Goreaphobia – 1st demo Tape , and Lesch Nyhan ” Fetal Brain Deterioration ” demo tape.

Shortly after running a distro and tape trading , and writing with 1,000’s of bands  , we released some 7″ ep records including some very well known bands…

Ceremonium ” Nightfall In Heaven ” 7″ ep

ceremonium ep 400

Gut ” Hyper-Intestinal Vulva Desecration ” 7 ” ep


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